Welcome to the home page of Dennis Price: Actor, Author and Archaeologist. I’ve done much else besides over the decades, some of which I’ll add to this site as time goes by, but for now, here is the story of the return of Eternal Idol.

After an interlude of several years, Eternal Idol is back. I shall be carefully selecting some old material that I composed and published for a previous incarnation of this site, then uploading it as the inclination takes me and as time allows. New material will also appear here in connection with Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, North Sentinel Island and the book The Missing Years of Jesus, all subjects that were once covered and discussed here in exhaustive detail.

The author Dennis Price in the book-lined study of the late, great Colin Wilson over a decade ago, filmed as part of the bio-documentary Strange Is Normal.

The previous “rules of engagement” have changed. I won’t be able to spend as much time here discussing these arcane things as I once did, not least because there is so much new material that I want to work on and put into the public domain, be it online or in hard copy. There are all manner of details that I’ve yet to work out as far as my writing and this site are concerned, so progress here might well stutter along or even come to a halt at times.

Nonetheless, I have glowing, fond memories of a thrilling time when my correspondents here numbered in the hundreds, while visitors numbered in the hundreds of thousands. The reasons for this blissfull state of affairs were as follows, as far as I can discern.

After living close to Stonehenge for around a decade, from 1996 to 2005, studying it as best I could and visiting the place as often as three times a week, with my local’s pass, I found I had many things to say about the stones and their environs. As early as 1997, I was invited to make a 10 minute long film about the ruins by ITV West, but numerous other appearances followed as time went by.

I said what I had to say on this site as best I could, and people seemed to like my many essays because they were imaginative yet entirely credible, while the fact that I had a background as a classical scholar and as an archaeoligist seemed to give my work some serious weight.

The world’s press took a great interest in numerous articles I presented here and they went on to review them all in a highly favourable light, so I won’t deny for a moment that it was a deeply gratifying and pleasurable experience to be called upon to speak at length about subjects such as Stonehenge and the purported trip that Jesus made to these isles in the early years of the first century.

I received numerous invitations to speak at private functions, public gatherings and festivals around the country and this was something I greatly enjoyed. However, for those of you who are unaware of my personal circumstances, I somehow contracted a grim virus in early March 2016 that nearly killed me, then I underwent major heart surgery in London’s Royal Brompton hospital three weeks later.

Two years later, almost to the day, my former home in Sowton Village burned down and with it, just about every last book I possessed, as well as a huge amount of correspondence. I’m glad I’m alive, but as anyone can readily see, my circumstances have changed and with them, my plans and ambitions for my future.

Be all that as it may, I hope you enjoy your visit to Eternal Idol.