Other Projects

“He who delights in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.” Aristotle.

I have in mind writing an account of the all-too brief life of my wonderful, beloved dog Blueboy, who had to be put to sleep while I languished close to death in hospital in March 2016. If the incomparable Lord Byron thought such an enterprise was worthy of his effort, then so do I.

In addition, after reading about the prophecies of Nostradamus for around half a century, I recently decided that I had something hopefully new and thought-provoking to say about the subject. I plan to write an as yet untitled commentary on the language of the famous Centuries, so while someone else may have got there before me, I’m nonetheless excited by what’s belatedly come to mind.

In 2009, Hay House published my 90,000 word book The Missing Years of Jesus, and as I’ve made clear elsewhere on this site, I now have more than ample material to get started on a belated sequel.

Finally for now, I don’t think of myself as psychic, but during the course of my sixty-four years and counting on this planet, I’ve gone out of my way to visit places with a special atmosphere or reputation, and I’ve rarely come away empty-handed. I plan to write about these decades of hauntings and my exploration of the always enchanting British countryside in an as yet untitled full length book.

Dennis Price standing in a gloomy meadow in Bungay, a place said to be haunted by Black Shuck.

In the meantime, I’m devoting my energies towards successfully resurrecting this site, Eternal Idol.