I first appeared in print in the 1973 publication More Haunted Houses, by Aidan Chambers, something that quote possibly made me the prouddest person on the planet for a few months. In the decades that followed, I estimate that I appeared in scores, if not a few hundred more publications, just about all of which were consumed by the flames of the inferno that destroyed my home in early March 2016.

To my mind, it was a terrible shame, but as we all escaped unscathed, it could have been a very great deal worse, so I’m not going to complain. And as I can only remember a few of the books, papers and magazines in which my writing appeared, I’m not going to try to ransack my memory for others – instead, I bid them a grateful farewell.

The book with which I’m most readily associated was published in early 2009 by Hay House. Entitled The Missing Years of Jesus, it looked into those 18 years of the life of Jesus that are unaccounted for in the Bible. William Blake’s poem And did those feet in ancient time? as far as I’m aware is the most famous expression of those many legends here in Britain that avow that Jesus once visited these shores, but another page will deal with this book in far greater depth.