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I receive a steady stream of compliments about this site, wherein many people are kind enough to write in tell me that Eternal Idol contains a very welcome and easily-accessible repository of information on both Stonehenge, and the subject of the missing years of Jesus.

So, in addition to my own book on the subject of Jesus in Britain, and the information on Stonehenge and Silbury Hill that appears here, I’ve decided open another static page that will offer information on other books dealing with these and related subjects.

Dennis Price

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Angela June 24, 2012 at 4:14 am

I stumbled on your web site tonight while looking for someone who might have written a bit about learning the true reason for Stonehenge and wa la…there you were! I am wondering if you know of Martin Prechtel and his school Bolad’s Kitchen? You might find his work interesting. Anyway, the picture in the upper right hand corner of this page is what prompted me to write. There is a way the constellations move through the sky that tells a story, or many stories, far beyond the Eurocentric versions of those great sky travelers and I am left wondering about who is passing through which portal at different times of the year. Are you familiar with anyone who has looked at this…the constellations as they move through Stonehenge formations? Perhaps you have here, and I have not yet read it, but I thought I might ask. Thanks for your kind and thoughtful responses to people who write you here. Your manners are formidable and deep and generous and in an age that squashes the beauty that begs to be expressed in language, I find that is a rare thing indeed. Another reason I think you may really “get” Martin’s work.
All Blessings to you,

Dennis June 25, 2012 at 1:06 am

Angela, thank you for your kind words, which I very much appreciate. I wasn’t aware of Martin Prechtel before now, but I shall look him up when I get some free time and meanwhile, you’ll see a fuller reply to your contribution on the main page.

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