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My book “The Missing Years of Jesus – The Greatest Story Never Told” has been published in hardback and is now generally available, while you can order copies from Hay House Publishers.

My book is a meticulous investigation into the so-called “missing years” of Jesus, or that period of his life between the ages of 12 and 30 about which the New Testament is mysteriously silent. After looking into the matter as thoroughly as I could, there’s no doubt in my mind that Jesus spent most of these 18 years in the west of England and south Wales, although Glastonbury is by far and away the most famous of the sites associated with a visit by Jesus “in ancient times”.


Aside from the other stunning implications of this prolonged stay, it places the most famous human who has ever lived in the vicinity of Stonehenge, the most famous prehistoric monument on Earth, for a period of almost two decades.

I realise that the book’s title is an extremely ambitious one, while few people will be familiar with all the subject matter it contains. With this in mind, I’m regularly updating this page and posting new pieces on Eternal Idol, so as to try to give everyone the clearest possible idea of the contents.


It’s only natural that many people will have preconceived but mistaken ideas of the stance the book takes and what it contains, so any questions are welcome and I’ll try my best to answer them, short of revealing the entire contents of the book, of course.

It seems to me that the easiest way to start this process is by posing some obvious questions that spring to mind, then supplying brief answers, so I’ll add to this list as and when these things occur to me.

Q: Is it a novel?

A: No, it’s non-fiction, but the “Greatest Story Never Told” refers to reconstructed events in the life of Jesus during the 18 years or so that he’s apparently absent from the record.

Q: Is it a religious book?

A: No, inasmuch as it doesn’t contain subtle or overt exhortations to subscribe to Christianity or any other religion. It certainly touches on spiritual, religious and mystic realms, and it sometimes looks very deeply indeed into what might be termed subject matter dealing with the supernatural, but these things are not exclusively related to Jesus by any means. It is an impartial investigation into the whereabouts of a missing person, albeit one who went missing around 2,000 years ago.

Q: I can’t help being suspicious that your book will contain deliberately provocative elements or that it will be unworthy of consideration by Christians. Has any mainstream Christian, preferably with an academic background, expressed an opinion on it?

A: My book is a serious investigation into the physical whereabouts of Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30. I’ve presented evidence that I believe points towards him being in the West of England and South Wales during this time, but I don’t see anything remotely provocative or offensive about this.

If you’d like to read a mainstream archaeological opinion on my book, then please feel free to read the foreword. If you’d like to read and consider an initial assessment by a devout Christian, with a more detailed review to follow, then I’ve reproduced the observation below – it may be worth pointing out that the site referred to at the end of the quotation has won awards from the Sunday Times, Newsweek and the Discovery Channel, among others, while the site’s proprietor has also been recognised by the World Lebanese Cultural Union for the excellence of his research.

“Dennis Price is a scholar and a writer who possesses a breadth of vision and gift of expression that captivates the reader with an incessant desire to follow his line of thought and depth of analysis in search of the truth, as he sees it. His relentless and passionate pursuit of the solution to a particular mystery often leads him to discover treasures of knowledge outside his initial scope, so although his end focus is never compromised, he enriches his readers with the side experiences gained along the way.

If there is any true measure of a scholar, then Dennis possesses it, because he is uncompromising, unflattering, unwavering and unforgiving even of himself in trying to present the best that can be thought and said, which he does with the conviction of apostles and the fearlessness of martyrs. I wish that all scholars and writers who choose to apply themselves to a study of the apparently insoluble mysteries of the ancients would take Dennis as their example and model.”

Sincerely yours,

Salim George Khalaf, BA, MA.

Author, Editor and Proprietor of A Bequest Unearthed Phoenicia, the award-winning and largest repository of information on the ancient Phoenicians on the Internet.

Q: Do you have an opinion on your studies that doesn’t necessarily view your investigations and conclusions from a religious, historical or archaeological perspective?

A: Yes, see the Reviews page or see below, from Dr Richard Brough, whose work involves dealing with national governments:

“Dennis Price has an unconventional yet first rate intellect that enables him to pursue his investigations into aspects of human history so remote and inaccessible that few others are prepared to explore them. Uncluttered by any form of prejudice, he possesses the strength of character to express fearlessly and with great clarity the conclusions he has reached. It is one thing to hold controversial views, but quite another to back them up with the sheer weight of compelling and thought-provoking evidence that Dennis Price has presented.”

Dr Richard Brough BA MSc PhD, former archaeologist and more recently international management consultant and adviser to national Governments and the European Union on global development issues.

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Tina July 13, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Hello Tony

Thank you for your reply, yes I’ve just read a little more about it and apparently it’s the first time the bird has come to nest. I’m not a bird enthusiast but The One Show report drew my attention so I’m still hoping it’s an auspicious sign for all.

Best wishes

Dafydd July 19, 2012 at 11:07 am


Strange as it may be, I was reading a news article today regarding the bird slaughter on an island off the coast of Tasmania resulting from our feathered friends flying into the rotating blades of wind powered electricity generators. Perhaps Gaia demands sacrifices?

None of the listed chopped birds were egrets, which inspired one blog contributor to comment (with reference to Edith Piaf, the “Sparrow”) – No Egrets.

DONISE January 16, 2013 at 6:39 am


Dennis January 17, 2013 at 12:50 am


Andrew Patey January 31, 2014 at 6:05 am

I found your interview on youtube very interesting and well presented. Unless I’m very much mistaken, you do appear to hold the biblical record in high esteem, something that is sadly missing in most examinations on the topic of Jesus Christ’s “missing years”. Pretty well all comments on this topic end up by concluding that the scriptures give us no clues as to messiah’s whereabouts during his early years.

Yet Jesus himself tells us exactly where he was. He was ‘sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel’……Matt15:24. From that moment, Jesus did not depart from the Holy Land……leading to the conclusion that unless he was lying , he had already been to the “lost” sheep of the House of Israel.

As many people now recognise, the northern 10 tribes had over the centuries largely moved from their homeland , both to Parthia in the east and to Britain and other areas in Europe. Don’t forget that it was His Father who had “sent” Him from heaven , with instructions as to what he was to do. I don’t think Jesus would have neglected to do this , sending his disciples to go in his stead. They were also commanded by Jesus to also go.
You probably were well aware of all this anyway, so hope I have not been presumptuous in my post.

best regards and well done Andrew

Chris Powell - Kipper February 25, 2014 at 7:18 pm

Hi Dennis
Hope you and your family are well. Just bought a copy of The Missing Years of Jesus. It hasn’t arrived yet but I really looking forward to receiving it. Hopefully your new tome of The Sound & The Fury will be available in book form soon as my money is waiting to be spent !

I’m enjoying reading your website too. What an articulate and intelligent chap you are! Long may it continue. Keep well

Chris Powell - Kipper March 15, 2014 at 4:31 pm

I’ve just finished reading the Missing Years of Jesus and am very impressed on the content and research contained in the book. I must say I will need to read it again to fully appreciate everything especially the Stonehenge material as I haven’t been to Stonehenge for too many years to mention and have little knowledge of this site.
With regards to the Priddy connection, I’ve been there several times with a classic car club and didn’t realise the importance of that place until I read this book. Thank you Dennis for shedding light on this.
Hopefully your latest offering – the Sound and the Fury will be available in book form soon. Bless you and get well soon

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