You are holding a remarkable book; indeed, there is no other quite like it.

Dennis Price has audaciously tackled a question that has been bafflingly neglected for almost 2,000 years – where was Jesus for most of His life? The life of every other major religious figure has been documented and subjected to intense scrutiny, but there is a huge and apparently unfathomable gap of 18 years in our knowledge of the most famous human being who has ever lived.

From his experience as an archaeologist and his extraordinarily wide-ranging book learning, Price has approached the sources for the life of Jesus from a fresh and highly perceptive angle, and has ruthlessly applied logic and reasoning to establish a series of likelihoods regarding the defining characteristics of Jesus as an animated, historical individual of flesh and blood.

Having presented a series of propositions regarding Jesus’ background, Price has tracked down folklore and traditions in the West Country and in his native Wales to make a powerful case for the presence of Jesus in late Iron Age Britain, prior to embarking on His public ministry in the Holy Land. Price has used his encyclopaedic knowledge of archaeology, particularly of Stonehenge and its environs, to buttress his propositions. In the course of his argument and reasoning, Price draws in parallels and case studies, and he invites us to consider, for instance, otherwise neglected matters such as the significance of pyramids in the life of Jesus. He likewise investigates subjects as diverse as Knossos, Beelzebub, William Blake, the ancient British druids, Winston Churchill, the Cathars and diabolical possession, all of which have their part to play in this methodical investigation.

Dennis Price is an archaeologist, a writer, a mystic and an acute observer of life. In the course of his minutely-detailed yet eminently readable book, he has harsh words for those who have wilfully or ignorantly distorted evidence, particularly archaeological evidence, and for those who fear re-examination of religious beliefs. He has amassed an extraordinary collection of archaeological, historical and religious material for his thesis. His final conclusions are gripping and compelling.

Having known Dennis Price for more than a quarter of a century, I am honoured to introduce this text and I recommend it to you. If you are browsing – buy this book. If you have already bought it, then relish the intellectual adventure awaiting you.

Peter Mills

Clerkenwell, London

January 2009

Peter Mills is a senior archaeologist who has directed excavations at some of the most important and prestigious sites in Britain, which include Westminster Abbey, the Royal Mint, the Preceptory of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem, the Palace of Westminster and the Tower of London. He is a Director of the Mills Whipp Archaeological Consultancy based in central London.


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jim April 3, 2009 at 8:17 pm

I am so utterly happy for you. What a marvelous foreword.

mary urduja lee April 19, 2010 at 5:37 pm

A prolific foreword; I would like to review the foreword and the listings here. I would still have to buy it here in the Philippines, so I hope it’s already available.

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