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by Dennis on October 28, 2009


On Sunday 25th of October, I spoke for almost 3 hours with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio on the subjects of The Missing Years of Jesus and Stonehenge – this lengthy exchange has now been edited into two separate sections and was first broadcast on the 26th, which by chance was my 50th birthday.

As regular visitors to this site will be aware, I conduct the most detailed exchange that time allows with people who wish to contribute, while I’ve also taken part in numerous radio and television interviews before now. However, it’s very easy to live in a world of one’s own when writing about the subjects I choose to study, so it was a genuine pleasure to speak at such length and in such depth with Henrik of Red Ice. I was honoured that he and the others at Red Ice Radio should think it worthwhile devoting their time to what I had to say, while I notice that the traffic to this site has increased since the interview was broadcast.

So, for all of you who may be coming to Eternal Idol for the first time, as a result of what you’ve heard on Red Ice, then I’m honoured and flattered that you should choose to visit this site. It deals primarily with Stonehenge, but if you look at the categories on the right of this page, you’ll see that I’ve attempted to cover what I think of as other meaningful aspects of the ruins. Most of the entries are fairly lengthy and detailed, while many of them also have detailed contributions from other people who have written in with either opinions or information, something that’s greatly enhanced what value this site may have.

You may be momentarily baffled by references to The Ruin, The Sentinel, Tanith, the Bluestone Enigma, the Lost City of Apollo and others, but they’re all what I think of as neglected aspects of Stonehenge and the posts should be self-explanatory – if not, then by all means write in and ask what questions you like, and I’ll do my level best to answer them. More recently, if you’ve heard about the latest discoveries at Stonehenge, then you’ll find just about all the information that’s available on Bluestonehenge on this site in the form of official press releases and detailed accounts from Alex Down, someone who worked on the excavation.

For those of you who may be interested in reading more about The Missing Years of Jesus, then there’s a static page at the top of this site containing various links and there’s the AD 12 – 30 category to the right. Jesus effectively disappeared from the Biblical record from roughly AD 12 to AD 30, so this category deals with this seemingly enigmatic period and it also contains new information that wasn’t included in the original book. New information on this subject continues to come in, but while I’m happy to post it up, I’ll only do so when I find the time to do it full justice.

Anyway, I’m told that this site has become a treasure-trove of information, so if you’re interested in detailed, original information and informed opinions on what others might think of as extremely obscure aspects of Stonehenge or else The Missing Years of Jesus, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find something of interest here. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to visit Eternal Idol and my thanks once again to Henrik, Fredrik and Elizabeth for so kindly inviting me to be a guest on their excellent and informative site.

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